How does this work?

Step 1. Select and purchase a design from our wine label catalog

Step 2. Create a Corjl account | Customize an existing design or design your very own wine labels with Corjl, an easy-to-use customization software.

Step 3. Submit your design

Step 4. We'll do the printing | All that's left to do is to apply your labels to your wine bottles.

What size label do I need?

Portrait labels | 3.33” width x 3.875” height - for most 750mL bottles, but will not fit Bordeaux bottles

Landscape labels | 3.875” width x 3.33” height - for 750mL Bordeaux bottles, required for Pinot Noir and Syrah wines

COMING SOON.... Split labels | 2.75” width x 3.25” height - 375mL bottles

What kind of paper will my designs be printed on?

We print on high-gloss, white self-adhesive labels. Any white areas in your labels will be high-gloss. Any areas with a high saturation of color will have a semi-gloss appearance.