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You do nto have the appropriate macromedia flash web plugin, it is required to preview your label online. Download the plugin here.
Each label we create looks custom designed, because our type-setters take your words, adjust the font sizing and spacing so each label is symmetrically balanced. You will not be able to see this symmetrical balance in the Preview. In order for this to be achieved, there are character restrictions on each label design. Try a few designs with your personalized information! For instance, you may see that a particular design works better with a "long heading name." The same love and care that you put into creating your own private wine, we put into creating our labels!
Red Gloves
3.33 w x 4 h / 6 to a sheet
Bacchus wine students - The 8th and 9th rows will display the wine school information only. Do not customize the 8th row, and only select your school location for the 9th row. Your preview will also appear differently than the actual labels you will receive from us. We will remove any text that you enter in the 8th row and will display your school information on the 2 rows, as shown in the sample label.

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Red Gloves
Red Gloves

First Row

Second Row

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Fifth Row

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Seventh Row

Eighth Row

Red Gloves
To ensure we correctly produce your order, please check the following before pressing Next:
  1. ALL names and words are spelled correctly!! You Are Responsible!!
  2. Use capitals ONLY where you want us to print Capital Letters. Otherwise, use lowercase letters.
  3. You may leave fields blank. JUST MAKE SURE you want to leave it blank and didn't just forget to type in the information.
  4. Everything you type in counts as characters, including spaces and punctuation marks.

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